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Too many Canadians struggle to get ahead in one of the richest countries in the world
The 4 Pillars Foundation is dedicated to delivering financial empowerment programs that change lives.

Through education and opportunity we work to build programs that change lives. The working poor represent approximately 9% of Canadians but millions more represent the ‘working poor’ who work multiple part time jobs, or lower income full jobs with no hope for their future. The 4 Pillars Foundation was created to help those who can’t get the help they need to get ahead.

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We have volunteer positions for real estate agents, mortgage brokers, lawyers, home inspectors, and anyone interested in teaching financial literacy.

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As a non-profit volunteer organization 100% of all donations are used to improve program delivery, measure outcomes, and benefit those who need it the most, Canadians working poor.


Save Families From Poverty


Canada literally means “village” and we are built on volunteerism and a passion to help others, after all, it’s what makes Canada so great! If you want to make a difference get involved and become a 4 Pillars Foundation Financial Empowerment Coach.

Our mission

The mission of the 4 Pillars Foundation is to convene a network of stakeholders to research, fund, and advocate for the delivery of successful financial empowerment programs and services to consumers at key “life events”.

The foundation seeks to create improved financial resilience and resources for all Canadians living in poverty, experiencing financial barriers and insolvency.

Free Education

We believe that free financial empowerment education provides opportunities for Canadians to move forward.
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Employee Training

We have adapted financial empowerment opportunities into lunch n’ learns so employers can better support their staff.
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Financial Incentives

All our programs have built in financial incentives to make financial empowerment fun and financial rewarding.
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Rental Programs

Our innovative rental programs support Canadians struggling to find safe and affordable housing through down payment assistance.
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Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.



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