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Founded in early 2018, the 4 Pillars Foundation is a national charity dedicated to providing financial literacy education to high risk groups, as well as main stream Canadians. Through programming delivered within communities and workplaces, the foundation seeks to create improved financial resilience and opportunity for Canadians living in poverty, Canadians experiencing financial challenges and insolvent Canadians.

Our goal is to provide Canadians with the education, resources, and a support systems to empower them to be better able to devise strategies to address our country’s historic household debt levels. Working with other social development agencies, governments, business and community groups, our desired impact is to help reduce poverty in Canada, dramatically increase financial literacy amongst Canadians of all demographics, and in-turn improve the financial and economic well-being of families across Canada.

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Our mission

Founded in 2018, the 4 Pillars Foundation is a national charity dedicated to expanding economic opportunity for insolvent Canadians experiencing financial hardship through program and policy innovation.

As an innovator in financial empowerment programming, we work with governments, businesses, and community groups to develop and promote financial awareness, programs and local resources that transform lives and foster prosperity of all Canadians.

Our programs ensure that financially vulnerable Canadians have access to the financial empowerment tools, programs, products and advice they need to build their financial wealth.

Free Education

All our programs provide free education to consumers making ‘life choices’ related to real estate, renting, debt, and the challenges of living in poverty.

Home Program

Our program covers all aspects of purchasing a home and explains how home ownership is an important part of your long term wealth creation plan.

Community Development

The 4 Pillars Foundation provides community consultation and support services for communities looking to build financial empowerment capacity.


Free education for consumers struggling to find safe and affordable housing.  This program works with landlords to provide educated safe renters.

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