About the Company

The Canadian Home Program (CHP) is now reinventing the home ownership industry with proprietary products, cutting edge systems and a genuine desire to make home ownership possible for all Canadians. CHP is a member of the 4 Pillars Foundation with a Clients for Life financial model that creates long lasting wealth creation strategies. The exclusivity of the combined services offered to CHP clients are unmatched in the industry. Our Facilitators live and work in the communities they serve. Our services support the community, the Financial Literacy Movement, Non Profit Organizations and high risk individuals with the financial tools and services needed to build wealth.

How the Canadian Home Program Works

The Canadian Home Program is one of the industry’s leading home ownership programs and is designed to assist anyone who needs a helping hand in becoming a home owner. The program teaches financial literacy, money management, and how to qualify for a mortgage. The program also covers important topics such as budgeting, the credit rating system and credit rebuilding strategies, the true long term cost of debt as well as financial restructuring for those who may need it.

After completing Session 1 and Session 2 and demonstrating the ability to qualify for home ownership the program provides consumers with financial assistance towards their down payment. There are no tricks, no hidden fees, and each qualified participant is eligible for down payment or closing costs assistance. We believe all Canadians should be home owners and subscribe to the belief that home owners have more wealth, live better quality lives and are happier.

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