How to Volunteer

According to there are 15 steps to becoming a volunteer in an organization.

Volunteering in your community gives you a chance to give back. You’ll feel a sense of pride that you are volunteering your time, and a local organization will benefit, too. If you want to get started volunteering, find an organization that’s a good fit for you, and then decide what you have to offer. Then you can apply to volunteer at that organization and get started in your new position.

Part 1: Pick an Organization

1. Focus on causes you feel strongly about
2. Look for more than just the “standard” volunteer organizations
3. Use a volunteer site to find a good match
4. Talk to friends and family
5. Pick an organization that will teach you something new
6. Volunteer overseas

Part 2: Establishing What You Can Offer

7. Identify your skills
8. Review your weekly schedule
9. Establish the length of time you’d like to volunteer
10. Volunteer in person or online.

Part 3: Beginning a Volunteer Opportunity

11. Treat application like a job
12. Ask what’s expected of volunteers
13. Complete any needed training
14. Start volunteering slowly
15. Move organizations if needed