The 4 Pillars Foundation is a non-profit organization setup to promote financial literacy programs to insolvent and high-risk individuals across Canada.  The goal is to utilize financial empowerment ‘best practices’ to create sustainable, long term, high impact, community programs that create change in consumers.  These community driven programs primarily target insolvent, high priority groups within the Canadian population.

The mission of the 4 Pillars Foundation is to convene a network of stakeholders to research, fund, and advocate for the delivery of successful financial empowerment programs and services to consumers at key “life events”. The foundation seeks to create improved financial resilience and resources for all Canadians living in poverty, experiencing financial barriers and insolvency.

By collaborating with other social development agencies, governments, businesses, and community groups, our measured impact is to reduce poverty, increase financial literacy, and empower consumers to make sound financial choices that improve the financial and economic well-being of families across Canada.